The new chess workbook series for children, coaches, chess clubs and schools

Used by more than 25,000 children in Germany – now available in English! 

  •   72 pages printed in full colour (DIN-A4 magazine format)
  •   Written by chess experts and co-developed by children
  •   Only available in print format
  •   Recommended for beginners (who already know the rules of chess)
  •   Also recommended for advanced players
  •   More than 350 chess puzzles per issue at different levels
  •   5 sections (tactics, strategy, opening, middlegame, endgame)
  •   Fun games (maze, giant chess board etc.)
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About Chess Tales

Chess Tales is a series of printed chess workbooks for children aimed at beginners and advanced players who already know the rules of chess. It was originally published in Germany in 2018 under the name “Rochade Kids”. It is the brainchild of International Master and children’s chess coach Tobias Hirneise. He spoke with more than 100 children, chess coaches, teachers and parents about how modern chess workbooks for children should look. Together with design experts, the results of these discussions were transformed into child-friendly chess workbooks. With more than 25,000 copies sold, the workbooks are a big success in Germany where a new issue comes out every two months.

Our cartoon chess pieces


In each issue our cartoon chess pieces set off on a new chess adventure so you can learn about all the important stages of a chess game: tactics, strategy, the opening, middlegame and endgame. Each topic begins with an introduction to the topic followed by puzzles relating to it. At the end of the workbook you will find numerous chess puzzles, all in all more than 350! And if that wasn’t enough, we have even added some more fun games! As our workbooks are for children, they are very colourful with lots of pictures and our funny cartoon chess pieces, which will make not only children’s eyes shine. You won’t find any boring black and white images as you would in most chess books.

The first issue of the series is all about knights, and we are not talking about the chess piece! We get invited to the chess castle, have to solve puzzles in the magic forest and will even meet with dragons and ghosts!

Treasure hunt

Each issue contains more than 350 puzzles at different levels. Answer them correctly and you can collect up to 500 gold coins! The number on the gold coins also indicates the puzzle’s difficulty.

Print only!

Children nowadays spend more than enough time staring at all kinds of screens. For this reason our workbooks are only available in print format. We believe this is the best way to learn and practice chess! To solve the puzzles you can also use a real chessboard. Back to basics!

Limited offer: 50% discount

For chess clubs and schools we offer a so-called test packages with a discount of 50% for the first issue. With a minimum of 10 copies you can choose as many as you need.

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Partner up?

Besides the German version (Rochade Kids) there is also a Norwegian version of Chess Tales available (Rokade arbeidsbok, publisher: Sjakkhuset). If you are interested in publishing Chess Tales in another language, please contact us by sending an email to